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New Year’s Revelations

Massage therapists, we worry about burning out our hands. In school, we are greeted with a barrage of horror stories: tendonitis, carpal tunnel, ganglian cysts. And sure enough, the first six months I was in practice, I had tingling from … Continue reading

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A Stress Free Manifesto

Manifestos like the ones pictured here make me so tired. I feel like they’re yelling at me.  “Hey you!” they cry. “Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now and start LIVING YOUR LIFE, for goodness sake! Carpe Diem! Seize … Continue reading

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The Other Closet

Having a mental health diagnosis and not talking about it is a lot like being gay and not coming out of the closet. It’s lonely and frightening. You also hear all the conversations and slurs that, otherwise, people would have … Continue reading

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September Issue

It was with some trepidation that I went to purchase the September issue of Yoga Journal at the Co-op.  This was the big reveal – the winner of the model-search contest launched back in spring would be featured. The contest … Continue reading

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When is a Yoga Teacher Like a Party Planner?

If I weren’t a yoga teacher, I would be a party planner. Throwing a party is a lot like teaching a yoga class – you pick a time, you create a theme, you hold the space – only with more … Continue reading

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Double Married, or Not Married at All?

The night Barack Obama won the presidency, my heart broke open. People, I thought, are essentially open-minded. Given the right opportunity, they will naturally move in the direction of positive change and human connection. However, as my friends and I … Continue reading

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Surviving Adolescence Part 2 – team sports

Those who know me as a yoga teacher and general woo-woo softie may be surprised to learn I played Junior Varsity Lacrosse in high school. I don’t mean to say “Junior Varsity” like that implies some sort of merit. I … Continue reading

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