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When I was little, I made sure to sit next to my Uncle Jim at every holiday dinner. That way, we could play “Foot.” I can’t imagine any adult having the patience for such a game, but somehow he did. … Continue reading

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Happy Accidents in the Twitter Mandala

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how much I like Twitter. I’ve met the nicest people, and learned so much. After initial resistance, I got it right away: somehow, the constraints of the form – 140 characters, forcing an almost … Continue reading

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Why I Meditate

The main things I feel when I meditate are bored, stiff and mildly irritated.  I rarely have a peaceful moment, much less an experience of insight or a kundalini rising. I’d even take the unwelcome emotions I hear people talking … Continue reading

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Animism and the Art of Dog Walking

  Lately, the inanimate objects around me have been alive. To explain, let’s go on a walk with my dog, Fiyero. Now, previous to my new relationship with inanimate objects, there were just two of us on this walk: me … Continue reading

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