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How Being Human Can Wreck Your Body

The yoga championships came to town yesterday. I will leave the evaluation of the evolution of these competitions to the yoga historians, although I don’t have to be Georg Feuerstein or Mark Singleton to have some pretty serious doubts that … Continue reading

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Happy Accidents in the Twitter Mandala

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how much I like Twitter. I’ve met the nicest people, and learned so much. After initial resistance, I got it right away: somehow, the constraints of the form – 140 characters, forcing an almost … Continue reading

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How to Get Yourself on Your To-Do List

Last weekend, I went to Forever 21 and bought a necklace (never mind that it’s closer to Forever 41 in my case…) It was less than five dollars, and it’s made of shimmery silver leaves that jingle when I walk, … Continue reading

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The Other Closet

Having a mental health diagnosis and not talking about it is a lot like being gay and not coming out of the closet. It’s lonely and frightening. You also hear all the conversations and slurs that, otherwise, people would have … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Pretty

I feel guilty about wearing makeup to teach yoga. I am trying to convince people to focus on their inner landscape for an hour, but there I am before class carefully pruning my outer one. If you were to ask … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Being Boring

I spent three years worrying I was boring my therapist to tears. Lord help me, I wanted to be a little nuttier. Instead, I felt I was dysfunctional enough to need therapy, but not enough to be a remotely interesting … Continue reading

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