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Abandoning Hope and Beginning Again

(***AUTHOR’S¬†NOTE:*** There are three and a half years between this post and the one that follows it. I took a little break from writing. Just a heads up so you know all this is well behind me now, and I’m … Continue reading

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New Year’s Revelations

Massage therapists, we worry about burning out our hands. In school, we are greeted with a barrage of horror stories: tendonitis, carpal tunnel, ganglian cysts. And sure enough, the first six months I was in practice, I had tingling from … Continue reading

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The Limits of Limitless Healing

At fourteen years old, my spouse, Joy was the victim of a catastrophic accident while riding her bicycle. Her face bore the brunt of the impact on the street. The left side of her face was scraped off by the … Continue reading

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Code Names and Living a Double Life

I once worked with a woman who had two names. One was for work and one was for home. While her given name was very floral and feminine, her chosen professional name was positively‚Ķferal. I completely understood this compartmentalization, and … Continue reading

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